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Group Line Detail Entity

Group Line Detail


  • Group Item Ref
    GroupItemRef: Group Item Ref -- Reference to a group item for all the lines that belong to the group.
    Product: ALL

  • Quantity
    Quantity: Quantity -- Quantity of the group item.
    Product: ALL

  • Quantity Specified
    QuantitySpecified: Quantity Specified -- GroupLineDetail.QuantitySpecified

  • U O M Ref
    UOMRef: U O M Ref -- Unit of Measure reference.
    Product: ALL

  • Service Date
    ServiceDate: Service Date -- Date when the service is performed.
    Product: ALL

  • Service Date Specified
    ServiceDateSpecified: Service Date Specified -- GroupLineDetail.ServiceDateSpecified

  • Line
    Line: Line -- The list of lines expanded from the group item. Note that a group line cannot itself contain group lines.
    Product: ALL

  • Group Line Detail Ex
    GroupLineDetailEx: Group Line Detail Ex -- Internal use only: extension place holder for GroupLineDetail
    Product: ALL

GroupLineDetail Quickbooks Online API/SDK Sample Code:
Group Line Detail C# Example